People all within the Buckingham constituency and outside it are backing John Bercow’s campaign for re-election. Here are some on the things that constituents, local campaigners, other parliamentarians and the press have said about him:


Buckingham constituency residents

“When I wrote to John outlining my frustrations with HS2, I was hoping for a sympathetic reply. I got far more than this. Within a few days he had come specifically to meet with us, in person.  He gave us lots of good advice. Since that time he has kept in touch and has done far more than we ever expected to help us. He’ll get my vote!.” Geoffrey Legouix, Constituent

“John has provided a huge amount of support for our school and continues to show a passionate interest in education in Buckingham. As our local MP he has taken on the role of Lead Patron of our 600 Campaign and has been at the forefront of numerous meetings and events with our local community. He has devoted a large number of hours on our behalf, for which I am very grateful.” David Hudson, Headteacher of the Royal Latin School

“John is a loyal and hard-working supporter of many local charities and community groups in his constituency. He has been an active and energetic Patron and advocate for the work of the Puzzle Centre Trust for many years.” Alexandra Stanyer, Founder and Principal of the Puzzle Centre Trust

“John embodies everything required in a local MP – proactive, reliable and compassionate. John demonstrates an attention to detail, a thorough and comprehensive understanding of key issues and how these affect the lives of his constituents. His tenacity and willingness to listen and address difficult situations is refreshing and inspires confidence in the people he represents.” Ann Rhodes, Winslow

“I am delighted to endorse the candidature of John Bercow in the forthcoming election. His unstinting work as our local MP is admirable. We are indeed fortunate to have him ‘on side’ and look forward to enjoying his next term with confident anticipation.” Christine Yates, Edlesborough

“John has been an outstanding Member of Parliament for the Buckingham constituency. He has helped me in my educational pathways and has really showed that he cares passionately about education services within the constituency.” Oliver Rhodes, Winslow

“John Bercow continues to be a very effective constituency MP.  He takes a keen interest in the new projects, supporting the Community Library, the Old School Community Hub and above all the village school, where he is an excellent communicator with children.” Owen Wynne, Ivinghoe

“We cannot thank you enough for your support … no doubt it made a big difference. We are so lucky to have such a committed and sympathetic constituency MP.” Mr B, Buckingham

“Just a note to thank you very much for going into battle on my behalf. My knight in shining armour!” Mrs E, Steeple Claydon

“May I thank you once more for acting speedily and effectively on our behalf. I boast to many that we have the best constituency MP in the country. You do a terrific job for us.” Mr W, Haddenham

“I just wanted to acknowledge how appreciative I am of the fact that you always take the time to respond to correspondence and invariably in a most timely manner. In my experience this has not always been the case with some of your fellow MPs. I do feel genuinely well represented in this constituency.” Mr O, Buckingham

In Parliament

The Party Leaders

“As we deliver what the people of the United Kingdom voted for at the referendum, leave the European Union, and return powers and decision-making to our sovereign Parliament, it is more important than ever that the House of Commons has a redoubtable champion in the chair to oversee its proceedings. As Speaker, John ensures that Government Ministers, backbenchers, and Opposition Members all play their part fully and fairly. He is an energetic ambassador for Parliament throughout the UK and around the world, and is also a devoted and hard-working champion for his constituents in Buckingham. He deserves your vote on 8 June.” Rt Hon Theresa May

John Bercow is a dedicated local MP and an effective Speaker of the House of Commons, who has used his office to reach out to people across our country. I urge the voters of Buckingham to re-elect John on 8th June so he can continue his good work as Speaker for our democracy.” Jeremy Corbyn, Labour

“I really hope that people in Buckingham re-elect John Bercow to continue the modernisation and reform of the House of Commons he champions as Speaker.” Tim Farron, Liberal Democrats

From the UK nations and smaller parties

“I was one of the MPs who nominated John Bercow to the position of Speaker of the House of Commons and he has since proven to an effective and fair Speaker and champion of backbenchers rights. John has shown real leadership as a moderniser of the House of Commons and ambassador of Parliament.” Pete Wishart, SNP

“In my 23 years in Parliament I have served under several Speakers of the House. One duty of a Speaker is to ensure that minor parties are given a fair voice in proceedings. John has excelled at this as he is utterly fair and balanced in his approach. He is a credit to his office and to Parliament.” Elfyn Llwyd, Plaid Cymru

“He really has rejuvenated the Chamber as a forum for Parliamentary scrutiny and debate. Previously …. The power had drained from Parliament to press conferences or sofas at No 10” Caroline Lucas, Green Party (quoted in a New Statesman interview)

“Speaking as someone who has been in the House of Commons since 2001, I must say that John Bercow has been an excellent Speaker. He has an encyclopaedic memory and recognises every MP instantly not only by name but also by constituency, which is no mean feat given that there are 650 MPs. I have found Speaker Bercow to be a man of integrity, scrupulously fair and impartial.” Lady Sylvia Hermon, Independent

“As Speaker, John Bercow is restoring purpose to Parliament. Thanks to him, MPs are able to hold Ministers to account and represent their constituents’ views – not just party whips. Anyone fed-up with that cosy little clique called Westminster has an ally in John Bercow. He’s helping wake things up.” Douglas Carswell, formerly UKIP

From Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats:

“As my neighbour I know, at first hand, how assiduous John is in working for Buckingham. He balances his national duties as Speaker with his local work and prioritises constituents’ issues. Always courteous, he has skilfully steered the House of Commons and made great strides in ensuring that our democracy continues to thrive. He is a valued and respected colleague in Buckinghamshire as Bucks MPs work closely as a team across a broad range of policy areas. I very much hope the electors of Buckingham will return him to Parliament.” Cheryl Gillan – Conservative, Chesham & Amersham

“John Bercow is always a determined champion of opening up our democracy. As a result of his reforms over 100,000 school children now visit each year and learn about parliament. Democracy should belong to everyone – that’s why I think there is so much support for John and his approach from all political parties.” Yvette Cooper, Labour

“Democracy works when MPs ensure that the government is held responsible for its actions. John Bercow, as a highly effective Speaker, makes this possible. He is the staunches upholder of Parliamentary rights and thus the champion of all voters.” Jacob Rees-Mogg, Conservative

“I am happy to endorse John Bercow as the prospective Parliamentary candidate for Buckingham. He has proved to be one of the best Speakers of my time in Parliament. He has made Ministers and Government more accountable to Parliament more quickly on topics of the day. He has enabled fuller questioning and debate on important issues. He presides over a very difficult collection of MPs with firmness and good humour. He has won a reputation in Westminster as an excellent constituency MP as well, and I hope that his own constituents endorse that.” Ken Clarke, Conservative

“John Bercow has been a forthright and fearless Speaker who has never shied away from treading on the toes of Ministers to defend the long-standing rights of Parliament.”  Rt Hon Nick Clegg – Liberal-Democrats

“John Bercow is an outstanding Speaker of the House of Commons who is widely admired for his determination to ensure that all parliamentarians are able to speak without fear or favour.” Rt Hon Hilary Benn – Labour

“Both from my experience in working with John Bercow on speech and language therapy before he became Speaker, and in his impressive role since, I have developed both respect and admiration. The opening up of Speakers’ House to a whole range of voluntary and community groups, and the willingness to promote and develop the outreach and education service from Parliament, both lead me to offer my support and appreciation for his work. In his difficult role as Speaker where it is possible to upset someone at almost any moment in time, he has taken on the challenge of modernising the House of Commons, of dealing effectively with vested interests, and at the same time ensuring that tradition is respected, and procedure is handled with both care and professionalism.” David Blunkett, Labour

“Mr Speaker Bercow has been an outstanding success. More than any other Speaker during my 32 years in Parliament, he has defended the rights of independent-minded backbenchers who want to scrutinise government properly. I am happy, very happy, to endorse him for his re-election.” Sir Edward Leigh, Conservative

“John Bercow is the greatest reforming Speaker of our era – and all modern times.” Peter Hain, Labour

“As Speaker, John Bercow has revolutionised the power of ordinary MPs to challenge Ministers on terms dictated not by the Government, but by people’s representatives in the House of Commons. As long as he holds that post, MPs know that governments of left and right will be held more firmly to account for their actions than at any other time in modern political history.” Dr Julian Lewis, Conservative